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“Good afternoon Ziya … In response to a recent conversation over the level of service Adesa Auctions Ottawa has received from LSC Sanitation please be advised “a satisfied customer is seldom heard from”… This is the case with our company who find LSC to be most responsible in handling our liquid waste. While it may be of little concern to many,  Adesa Corporation is very concerned over the safe handling of such waste, both from environmental and health perspectives. Your office staff, Transportation operator’s and Technicians involved in the removal of waste a/o camera inspections have exhibited the care and safety we at Adesa Ottawa, like all Adesa sites, are mandated to attain during annual PRIDE audits.

    On behalf of Adesa, I thank you for our past and look forward to our future association in the interest of both a clean safe environment and workplace.”


Bill Hallett
Operations Manager
ADESA Ottawa


LSC Sanitation has been offering sanitation services in the Ottawa area for over 30 years. From humble beginnings—one truck, one employee and 20 portable toilets—this family-owned business has grown into an impressive multi-faceted organization. Today, our company has over 20 vehicles in the fleet and over 400 portable toilets. We have also diversified and now provide waste pumping, sewer line maintenance and hydro excavating services.

One thing that hasn’t changed over the years is our commitment to our customers. We pride ourselves in supplying top-notch service, on time and competitively priced.

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