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General excavation

LSC Sanitation provides a safe, non-destructive alternative to municipalities, private contractors and residents who need earth removal in delicate areas. The use of high-pressure water moves dirt and debris to expose underground utilities including water/sewer pipes, gas lines, electrical, TV, phone and fiber optic lines without causing disruption to services.
Hydro excavation removes the need for costly hand digging and the possibility of considerable expenses related to damaged pipe or cable. The work site is left clean and prepared for construction or repairs.
Whether installing a new hydro pole, traffic light stand, or digging around safety sensitive areas, LSC hydro excavation is the best and safest option.



LSC Sanitation offers hydro excavation a more efficient way of cutting trenches for underground cable installation. The troughs are made large enough to lay lines and much smaller than the typical backhoe ditch. Employing hydro excavation reduces the amount of time to dig and fill areas and since much smaller sections need to be paved costs are also reduced.

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