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Sewer Jet Cleaning utilizes water stored in a reservoir tank on the truck itself that then flows through a pump assembly and is finally pushed through a specially designed hose at up to 2000 psi, at 65 gallons of water per minute. Various attachments are fastened to the end of the hose depending on both the available access into the drain line as well as the type of blockage we are attempting to remove. Its primary function is to loosen or break-up solidified debris in a drain line. This debris is then washed through the drain system using high volumes of water.

  • Yard Drains

  • Driveway Drains

  • Sanitary Laterals/Man-Holes

  • Storm Laterals/Catch Basins

  • Field Drain Tiles

  • Grease Trap Lines

  • Curb Drain Lines

  • Culvert Drains

  • French Drains

  • Manure Pumps

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